Mark Lohan Kitchens Guarantee

Mark Lohan Kitchens provides a 10 year warranty on its kitchens however the following terms apply:

❖ In the first 5 years we will replace or repair a defective item if it is faulty due to poor workmanship in
manufacturing or installation only.
❖ In the 2nd 5 years following installation, we will replace or repair a defective product however the
labour costs of same will not be covered and will be charged to the client.
❖ There is a separate manufacturers’ warranty on all third party products and consequently are not
covered by our 10 year guarantee. For example: taps, extractor fans, sinks, handles, appliances and
mechanical items.
❖ Doors are excluded from our 10 year warranty but instead benefit from:
(a) A 5 year warranty, from the date of installation or delivery, on vinyl doors.
(b) A 7 year warranty on acrylic and solid doors applicable to the structure only and does not include
dishwasher doors or doors which are affected by water or heat damage. Additionally, doors with
painted finishes cannot be warranted against chips or hairline cracks due to movement in the
❖ Sliding doors benefit from a 9 year warranty for parts only involving the running system. The doors
themselves benefit from the 5 year warranty as outlined above.
In all cases the Company is not and will not be held to be responsible for any consequential loss incurred.
The warranties above commence from the date of the signed completion sheet and if a completion sheet is
not signed by the client/customer the warranties do not exist and statutory rights only apply.
Nothing in these terms and condition shall be read or held to limit or exclude statutory rights which cannot be
excluded by law.
It is essential that the client/customer adopts the best aftercare with our products, in particular:
❖ When mopping take care not to knock bark or mark the kick boards and end panels, use lightly
dampened mop and dry immediately.
❖ Dry moisture spills on doors and surfaces immediately.
❖ Ensure that the dishwasher is allowed to cool before opening as steam from a dishwasher may cause
❖ Keep kettles and toasters out from underneath wall units and ensure that steam from these items are
allowed free movement upwards.
❖ Ensure that an extractor fan is switched on 1 or 2 minutes before using the hob.
Mark Lohan kitchens guarantee does not cover any damage accidental or deliberate occurring on site after
installation. Any defects must be reported within 48 hours of the fitting date