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Classical Kitchens

Fashion can change overnight, and what was in today, may be ‘out’ tomorrow. That’s why going for a classical kitchen design is a solid investment — it is guaranteed to remain elegant and timeless, for years and years to come. A classical kitchen effortlessly oozes class; with decorous classic doors  and a more muted colour palette. Even if your home situated in a busy city rather than a leafy suburb, a classical design can bring the feeling of graceful country living to your homestead.

It’s important to remember that classical doesn’t mean dated. All our classical kitchens at Mark Lohan reflect modern living. The designs may be traditional on the surface, but our classic designs have been adapted for the now, meaning you needn’t be without all your kitchen mod-cons.

The inspiration for our classical designs come from iconic kitchens of the past. Take our Aylesbury kitchen, for example, which boasts classic kitchen doors and a delicate painting technique that preserves the beautiful natural grain of the wood used. The  Aylesbury kitchen creates an elegant grandeur for any setting, whereas our Anglesea kitchen opts for a smooth finish with stylish doors that offer a range of possibilities; the perfect medium for a traditional yet modern home. At Mark Lohan Kitchens, we’ve been creating bespoke kitchens for a near quarter-century. If you’re seeking a classical kitchen in Ireland, we’re the business for you. Don’t compromise on detail and quality; our in-house team of designers are ready to create the perfect classical kitchen for your home, that’s guaranteed to remain timeless for generations to come. Make your kitchen the heart of your home now, by contacting the team at Mark Lohan Kitchens are booking in for a free consultation. It’s time for you to have your dreamy classical kitchen, and we can’t wait to help.