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Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen design doesn’t mean compromising on warm and welcoming interiors. When searching for modern kitchen ideas, you’ll likely stumble upon cold, uninviting interiors that appear almost clinical. At Mark Lohan Kitchens, our modern kitchens boast simplicity but also practicality with a sense of warmth instilled, even if you’re partial to an all-white kitchen. We have a keen eye for detail at Mark Lohan Kitchens, and even the smallest touches can make a huge difference when it comes to modern kitchen design.

Modern kitchens naturally have a sense of sophistication, and this is only increased tenfold with our modern kitchen finishes. Our Lincoln style doors bring Manhattan elegance to your space, wherever in the world you are! Or, if you prefer a pop of colour in your modern kitchen design, our Grafton or Ashford finishes look perfect in a shade of blue or grey. Our modern kitchens are specifically created to be light and airy, regardless of your colour palette, so don’t be afraid to opt for out of your comfort zone… it’ll be worth the risk!

A modern kitchen is perfect for any sized space, with every Mark Lohan Kitchen created bespoke to fit whatever area you’re working with. Despite incorporating modern kitchen design, our modern kitchens feature a blend of contemporary and classical, meaning they’re always on the forefront of style — you needn’t worry about your modern kitchen falling a victim of fashion.

If you’re ready to bring your kitchen to the 21st-century, make sure to book in for a free consultation at Mark Lohan Kitchens. Our modern kitchen designs are incredibly customisable, meaning we can help find the perfect finishings and colour combinations for you. The designers here at Mark Lohan Kitchens are well averse to modern trends and will be able to advise on what’s cutting-edge and bound to be popular for years to come.