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Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen decor is all the rage right now — with nearly every modern house or apartment boasting a cool, streamlined contemporary kitchen. There’s a reason contemporary kitchens are so popular; they’re simple but impactful. Sometimes less is more.

Contemporary kitchens focus on the basics of line and colour; two of the most fundamental factors when designing a kitchen. All our contemporary kitchens at Mark Lohan kitchens are made up of basic shapes which compliment each other, and typically disguise elements such as cupboard handles. It’s the colour of the contemporary kitchen decor that helps it pack a punch, whether it be a graphite grey as seen on our Treviso finishings or a versatile Hummingbird greeny blue, as seen on our Solo doors.

At Mark Lohan Kitchens, we have a broad colour palette to help you find the killer combination that will make your new contemporary kitchen pop, and remain stylish and chic for years to come. A contemporary kitchen gives the perfect solution for modern, family life — offering smart storage solutions to keep your kitchen uncluttered and tidy with minimal effort.

Contemporary kitchens are incredibly versatile, and can fill large spaces as seen with our Havana model, but, contemporary kitchen decor is actually perfect for smaller spaces, too. The minimalist fittings mean that, even if you go for a more darker colour to finish, your kitchen will still feel airy and light. A clever use of horizontal lines exaggerate how big your kitchen actually is, and appliances are usually built into contemporary kitchens to really maximise on space available.

We’re full of contemporary kitchen ideas here at Mark Lohan Kitchens, so if you’re ready to transform your kitchen space into something with 21st-century life at the forefront, make sure to get in touch and book a free consultation with our talented team of designers.